As Executive Director, Ryan Wong has over a decade of experience serving and working in the non-profit and mentoring space through a variety of organizations like the Orange County Rescue Mission, California Community Partners for Youth, City of Dreams, and Friends for Youth. Ryan sets Step Forward Academy strategy in partnership with the Board of Directors and oversees its operations.


During his tenure, Ryan has led Step Forward Academy by bringing in key team members and other non-profit partners to provide a pathway out of poverty for its clients. Ryan has a diverse skill set developed from over 20 years as both an entrepreneur and a corporate leader. Early in his career, Ryan spent over a decade in Tech Sales and leadership. Ryan received his bachelors of science in Business Administration (Marketing) and has always had a heart to serve starting by being the philanthropy chair in his Fraternity where he launched the inaugural Chili Cook-Off which supported local elementary schools. Ryan also actively serves at his church Mariners Irvine along with his Wife (Belia) and Son (Mavrik).