Dear Friends and Family,

We just finished our Fiscal Year at Step Forward Academy, and I am excited to report that some amazing things have happened due to your prayers and generosity.

  • Our Step Up Mentees are seeing 20%-30% income growth 12-18 months after graduating from Step Forward Academy. (Step Up Mentees are those who’ve graduated from the program and continue working with a Mentor and SFA team members).
  • Two of our Mentees recently purchased a home!¬†Unfortunately, homeownership seems out of reach for many, but higher wages can make this dream a reality for people!
  • We’ve had 100% attendance and retention for our Spring ’22 Class. We have 7 Mentee/Mentor pairings this semester, and we couldn’t be more excited about their participation and growth!
  • One of our key program partners, Kathy’s House, will mandate that all of their program clients go through the SFA program.

I want you to know that NONE OF THIS would have been possible without each of our supporters like you!

Your prayers, feedback, and encouragement have made all the difference through this journey. Thank you for being a part of the SFA family!

Truly Grateful,

Ryan Wong


Step Forward Academy

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